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Ascensor Raíz Dental  Dental Root Elevators with Metal Handle

Minimal Root Elevators is applicable for immediate tooth implantation after tooth extraction and general tooth extraction. Its thin and sharp blade can be easily used to compress the alveolar bone, cut the periodontal membrane and protect the completeness. Invisible wound guarantees immediate heal. At the same time, it would be the best clinic choice due to its easy operation.

Ascensor Raíz Dental Con metal Hyle



Pinzas Dentales Ortodoncia Paraceps Dental Ligadura Atar alicates 630-101


Ortodoncia Paraceps Dental Ligadura Atar alicates 630-101


1. Smooth surface resistance to corrision

Specially selected pure stainless steel, high intensity and resistance to corrision. Refined and typical polishing technique enables smooth surfaces of pliers not easy to be polluted and eroded. No flakes shelling off and insures endurable characteristic.

2. Offer ideal shape and flexibility

Weight and ideal shape design make hands comfortable and offer convenience and flexibility.

3. Endurable cutting edges

Edges of cutting are embedded with high quality hard alloy (fastness is guaranteed after special welding techniques), thus cutting edges are sharp and hard.


6Pcs Archivo Dental SCF Niti Alloy Rotary Super Archivos

6Pcs Archivo Dental SCF Niti Alloy Rotary Super Archivos


Archivo Dental Features
1. Made of high quality Niti Alloy
2. With precise processing technology
3. Products in good
4. Flexibility and fracture resistance
5. Progressive taper design improves flexibility and cutting efficiency
6. Especially in tighter or more curved canais
7. Recommended rotary speed of Engine Files is 250-350r/Min
8. With triangle cross section


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