Oyodental equipment repair and maintenance classification

Dental equipment repair and maintenance are a relatively complex and professional work, we must first understand the mechanical properties of the device, from a professional point of view in order to achieve rapid diagnosis and fast repair. Dental equipment is required not only the technical aspects of using the product complies with the requirements of the oral cavity, but also required to comply with the safety requirements for medical electrical, so its standardization work involves relatively wide range, the corresponding international organizations ISO/TC106 SC6 responsible for standardization work in this area. Below there is dental equipment category:

Implant machine, implant devices, implants, planting machines, in nailing machines, modulo machine
COXO® Dental Brushless Implant system C-SAILOR
2) Dental Laser Equipment:
Low-power laser machine, water laser systems, laser tooth whitening system, dental laser treatment instrument
3) Dental Diagnostic Equipment:
Root canal length measuring instrument, pulp vitality tests
Intraoral dental machine, head position measuring instrument, panoramic X-ray machine, automatic washing machine, automatic washing machine, X-ray film machine, dental CT machine
Dental X-Ray Portable Machine AD-60P
5)Dental Imaging Equipment:
Magnifiers, microscopes, micro-oral cameras, digital cameras dental intraoral camera usb.
12.1 inch LCD High Resolution 1/4 SONY CCD Wired Intraoral Camera M-968
6) Dental Comprehensive Treatment Equipment:
Dental chairs, automatic dental treatment units, turbines, various power air compressor, physicians seats, nurses seats, electric Yeah desktop rigs, mini electric dental drill, pneumatic dental drill, built-in or freestanding negative pressure pumping sewage plant
7) Dental Treatment Equipment:
Curing light, ultrasonic scaler, dusting scaler, Amalgamator machine, endodontic instrument
SJK Ultrasonic Scaler T3 EMS/UDS/Woodpecker Compatible Non Water-Bottle
8) Dental Disinfection Equipment:
Thermostatic oven, high temperature high pressure steam autoclaves, high temperature sterilization drying machine, UV light and ozone exposure, ultrasonic cleaning, disinfection of dental handpieces, Dental ultrasonic cleaner, dental autoclave sterilizer, electric oven, mobile cleaning oiling machine.
23L Sun® Dental Autoclave Class B SUN 23-II-LD
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